Bog Sour Lsd


Lifesaver (Jacks cleaner/blueberry x Bogbubble) was crossed to Soma's NYCD years back to create LSD.
It had a trippy and potent sativa type high and these bushes could yield huge!
Flowering out in 8-9 weeks, some phenos faster, this strain was very potent.
A lot of folks want the old versions of LSD back so that is a top priority here in Bogland.
I will work on them this winter. Sour LSD used a super select clone mom of the LSD that outgrows everything outdoors.
I used this clone to make the new sour lsd last summer and more of the same is going this summer.
It used sour bubble as the dad and with the diesel in there some thought it should be called double sour lsd...whatever.
This sour lsd was already released earlier this year as LSD without changing the name.
I did tell about them but some people were pissed as they thought they had the old LSD and I am sorry about it.
It is my new LSD 2011 and now we will just call it Sour LSD to keep it simple.

Standard / Feminised: Standard
Flowering Time: 8 Weeks
Enviroment: indoor, outdoor
Autoflower: No
Seeds Per Pack: 10
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