Dfm Fruit Automatic


Very tasty.
Effect; strongly sedative.
Average producer.
Our Fruit Autoflowering includes Grapefruit genetics in order to achieve more flavour, resin and production, as well as, a more intense effect. In addition, it is larger than other automatics and flowers in only 60 to 65 days top. Produces abundant sweet-smelling resin, dense plants with thick Indica leaves, and buds as sticky as honey.
It seems to produce the strange tendency among humans to want to smell them up close. The thick glittering crystals of resin and the smell that this plant emits makes it unresistable to cannabis cultivators and enthusiasts. It is a variety that stands cold weather fairly well. So, we recommend, planting towards the last week of May, in order to harvest the last week of July, and in this way achieve unbeatable results.

Standard / Feminised: Feminised
Flowering Time: 60 - 65 Days
Enviroment: indoor, outdoor
Autoflower: Yes
Seeds Per Pack: 10
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