Ordering Information

Here is how to order.

If ordering with a money order, you can use our online website to decide which products you want...Then choose "Money order" as your payment option at checkout and our site will fill out a Ready to print order form with the products you selected.

Although you do not need to go through our website to make a money order...You can just fill out and print our Order Form and mail it to the address below with the correct payment...If no printer is available, hand written is fine, just write your seed choices..

Shipping options:
Regular mail for all countries, is $8.00 cad/usd, 6 Euro, 5 Pounds (up to 25 days, 15 is normal)

Please note: We are not responsible for late, lost, or stolen shipments. (This is very unlikely)...

How do you want to pay?

Please note: We DO NOT accept personal cheques or bank / wire transfers of any type.

Put your payment, and completed order form in an envelope. Mail to us at the address below.
Remember to hide cash well. Regular mail is fine for cash orders, if you want your order to reach us faster you can use Priority Air Mail.
We cannot be responsible for cash lost in the mail, make sure you are not able to see cash when holding the envelope up against a light.

Email Invoice Option

If you choose to pay online through an email invoice, you will be able to pay discreetly online with most major CC's and Prepaid cards. We will email you a reciept for you order after checkout, then within 24hrs..We will send a discreet online invoice that you will be able to pay online.

Note: if you have any problems, given the nature of the product..please Contact Us with any problems (NOT the payment processor)

Please read our disclaimer section before ordering!

Order Time and Processing

Getting your letter to us:
3 to 5 days but up to 7 to get a letter to us from inside Europe, 5 to 7 days but up to 11 from North America and 11 days up to 15 from all other countries.

Processing your order:
Same day we get your order/letter...
We sort orders based on the post date on the envelope, earlier dates will be handled first. But most likely all orders recieved will be mailed out together as soon as we get them.

Shipping your order to you:
Same Day We recieve your letter
This is where adding an email address for contact on the order form is a great idea. As soon as we process your order, we email you confirmation with an invoice number (used for questions directed to us for that particular order).
As well, if for some reason we are not able to mail out your order (stock or address concerns), we can contact you.

Getting your order:
we do the same thing with every order. We process and mail out your order the same day as we received your letter.
It can take up to 25 days for your letter to get to you.
7 to 15 days is normal inside North America, and 11 to 15 days is normal for most other countries major cities.
Holidays will greatly effect mailing to us and delivery times to you, as will rural addresses.
Seeds can not be shipped in a regular envelope or they will be damaged. An oversized letter or package takes longer to deliver than a regular air mail letter, as the above delivery times indicate.

Note on delivery times.
Knowing we mail out orders the same day, why some take only 7 to 10 days to be delivered and others 25 days and longer, the only variable being the post office. Both the customer and company rely on the post office to do what they do, to make this happen.
If we receive your complete order info with full payment, we will ship you your order the same day as we receive your letter.
This is the service we provide, not forgetting the great choices we stock. Remember its very unlikely your order will be seized or stolen so please be patient..

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